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Keyboard Styles >> Persian/ Iranian styles for Gem WK keyboards

Item #: PEW-Persian-Gem

Regular price: $39.99

Sale price: $19.99 (includes shipping)

Availability: This is a digital download; use the Buy Now button below to purschase this item. Download instructions will be emailed to you.

Product Description

Persian/Iranian "Styles" and Midi files for GEM WK2 WK3 WK…….


This is what we all have been waiting for!

A Collection packed with Persian/ Iranian  "Styles" & Midi files.

These GEM styles are compatible with the WK2, WK3 & WK….. Series. The WK2/ WK3 styles are saved in 31 folders with 6-8 GEM WK files per folder with U01 - U08 extensions. I will also include a copy of the user manual in the collection for your reference.

Some of the styles included are Rengi, BabaKaram, 6/8, 4/4 Fast and slow songs. There are also some Western styles included as bonus #1. We have also included some persian MIDI files as bonus #2.  This is digital download only.  Once the item is paid for via PayPal, you will receive download instructions emailed to you ASAP.

The Persian and Western Midi files on this collection can be used for play along and ......... If you have Midi editing software such as Cakewalk or Cubase, you can print the scores, mute certain parts and play along!!!

Here is a list of what is included in the Yamaha CD:

  • Persian GEM Styles            241 files
  • (Bandari, Dance, 6o8......)
  • Persian Midi files                 95 files
  • Western Midi files                27 files
  • Turkish Midi file                   1 file

This item only includes the "styles"  and MIDI files NOT the keyboard.


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